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Co-operative Banking is Retail and Commercial Banking Organized on a Co-operative basis.

Co-operative Banking, as discussed here, includes Retail Banking carried out by credit unions,
Mutual Savings Bank, Building Societies and Co-operatives, as well as Commercial Banking
services provided by mutual organizations (such as Co-operative federations) to
Co-operative businesses.

About Us
Trust and Security, founded on these two strong pillars, Samata Urban Co-operative Credit Society, Kopargaon has earned a place
of repute. Established on 11th May 1986 Samata had a humble beginning.

Challenges were aplenty but with the strength of strategy and togetherness we moved ahead. Until March 1996 the deposits mounted
to 2 crores 21 lakhs. In 1998 we shifted to our own, well equipped building and the deposits doubled in just six months.
In 1999 entire operations were computerized. Gradually we expanded our horizons and branches were opened at Rahata,
Shirdi, Shrirampur, Yeola, Pune, Nashik, Gandhi Chowk, Ahmednagar and Rahuri.
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Saving Deposit Schemes
Premium deposits benefits
with Quarterly Average
balance of Rs. 10000/-
Term Deposit Schemes
Term deposit schemes based
on interest payout with
minimum deposit- Rs. 1000/-
Business Loan Schemes
Credit for Industries &
Overdraft & Working
capital loan schemes
Facilities for our Customers
Warehouses for Farmers &
Reservation for Airways,
Bus and Railway
Income tax Bill and Light
Bill Pay
Mobile Recharge & Dish T.V.
Postpaid Mobile Bill
Pose Terminal Facility
Pose Terminal Facility
Demand Draft Home Delivery
Internet, Mobile,
Core Banking & ATM
Money Transfer Facility